Sunday, April 27, 2008

new puppy

I got a new puppy his name is Miles because my mom carried 3 miles. He's only a few months old and he has a injured paw. While my mom was running she found him under a trash can that was hanging on a pole.So she called us and told us she had a suprise. And when she got home there was a little puppy in the car. My brother and I cleaned out a cage that we used to use for another dog while my mom gave Miles a bath. After he got a bath my mom got all the ticks and fleas out of his ears.


pappasan said...

Ticks out of his ears, and fleas out of his fur. He loves the attention of 5 children.

sara said...

That's me I'm one of the five yup yup yes I am.

pappasan said...

Sara, you need to start putting more stuff on your blog!!!!!